Making Your Kitchen Work For YOU!

Our kitchens are important and active rooms.  Whenever people move the kitchen is an important part of the place we choose.  I can tell you from my sister’s personal experience that if you don’t pay careful attention to the kitchen when you are searching for a new place you can end up with a very unhappy home!  Many larger rural homes have large kitchens with room for everything so planning is not such a large issue, but today’s modern homes are generally all about maximizing space and squeezing every square foot out of it so if you need to improve your home you might want to see a professional designer to save time and “redo” headaches.

That being said, whether you are already in a home with a kitchen that needs renovating or you are looking for a new home and are making a “must have” kitchen list, here are some things you might want to cross OFF your “need room for” list.

Consider all the stuff in your kitchen, take a look at the cupboards and drawers, and apply the same rules to your clothes closet.  If you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably never will use it again.  Of course there are some special exceptions, but you get the idea.

Trendy items like the ice cream machine, the bread maker, rice cooker, large mixing machine, fancy knife sets that are never used and other space hogs that you don’t use anymore should go.  After all, isn’t it more fun to actually take a trip to the ice cream shop or smell the bread and other treats at the bakery?

Most small appliances that are not multi-purpose can probably go, often these things are neat at first but soon take up too much counter space and are pushed to the back of some cupboard, taking up more valuable space and adding chaos.

Start your perfect kitchen by getting rid of the “baggage”!

Moving The Greener Way

Moving Ottawa has many options that can make moving a green experience. Finding Movers Ottawa that have green moving options requires very little work.



The Greener Way to Move

Are you one of those individuals who are always turning off the lights when not in use? Do you carry your own bags when you go shopping so as to reduce the use of plastic cover? Are you keen on making a difference to the environment in your own small way? If the answer to these questions are ‘Yes’, then you can contribute more by using the ‘Go Green’ concept in your moving process too. If the answer is ‘No’, then this is probably your chance to make your little contribution to the environment.

Cardboard boxes – Wrong option!

The cardboard boxes used for packing whether the usual or the corrugated ones are made from paper or soft wood. These boxes are very expensive hence usually our approach when we pack is to try to fill all our belongings into less number of boxes. This helps us save on money by buying fewer boxes, tape and wrapping paper. Fewer boxes to move, lesser are the charges for moving. With cardboard boxes we also face the risk of damage to our belongings as they are easily subject to pressure, impact, rain and moisture. You do have the option to buy corrugated cardboard boxes to protect your stuff but this again proves to be more expensive. After unpacking, the cardboard boxes are generally dumped or discarded and very rarely are used again. With many people like you making the move, you can imagine how much solid waste that would amount to! The more boxes we use, the more is the impact on the depletion of trees and therefore an adverse effect on the environment.

Going green – Is it an advantage?

Don’t be under the misconception that ‘Going green’ can be heavy on your pocket. It is on the other hand, a complete win-win situation. By using the alternative to cardboard boxes you and the environment, both are to gain.

  • Rather than using cardboard boxes we can opt for re-usable crates usually made of plastic. There are companies that rent these out and they will arrange for pick-up of these boxes when you have finished unpacking. This works out to be more cost-effective and convenient for the individual.
  • For cardboard boxes to be secured we need to use tape and a good amount of wrapping paper in the boxes to prevent damage to belongings. Plastic crates are easy to pack and there is no need for the tape and paper.
  • Plastic crates are water-proof and is a good option when you opt to move in winters.
  • When the movers load the plastic crate it allows for stacking as it is much stronger and is not easily subjected to pressure. This reduces the space used and the effective charges for moving is lesser when compared to the scenario where cardboard boxes are used, and two trucks are required as the boxes couldn’t be stacked. And more the trucks, more the fuel burnt which is another drain on the environment.
  • Plastic crates have greater life than cardboard boxes and can be re-used for about 400 times. This means the frequency of dumping the plastic boxes is much lower. So when these plastic crates have degraded and cannot be used further, the net contribution to carbon production is much lesser when compared to that of cardboard boxes and so also the impact on the environment. It is said that use of plastic crates brings down the waste by 95% and the greenhouse gas emissions are about 29% lesser.


Remember that for every plastic crate you use, ten trees are actually preserved. So why not chose the plastic crates this time round and have a better moving experience and stay satisfied that you did your bit for the environment.

Interior Design Tips

Finding the right Interior Designer for your home can be some tricky business. You want to find a designer who can work with many different interior designs. The right designer can help you with different ideas for your home. An interior designer will help with all of your design needs from simple placement, to the larger issues like color and finish choices for walls.

Finding A Professional Mover

If you are seeking Moving Quotes St. Catharines there are many options for you to look at. The best options will have Movers St. Catharines that are completely professional and will make sure your possessions arrive without damage. Cube1   Tips to arrange furniture in your new place     Are you excited and super-thrilled about your new home? Then why not start planning your rooms right away. Don’t wait for the moving day. Start ahead as that is the right thing to do. You do not want the joy of your new home to change to absolute confusion and hence despair on the moving day! Arranging your furniture is not as easy as it seems and it gets worse if you are moving from a flat structure to a multi-floor format or from a bigger space to a smaller one.   Have you done your homework? Here are some tips that could help you arrange your furniture on the moving day without any chaos.

  • To begin with get a paper and pen and put together a room-wise list of furniture items you have in your present home. Strike out those that you want to discard or put on sale.
  • Visit your new home and draw a rough floor plan if you are not given one by the landlord. It does not take too long if you try and keep it simple. It is easier to do each room separately rather than draw them all together as if to represent the house as a whole. Mark the furniture you want to put in the respective rooms.
  • Ensure you have considered the various fixtures on the floor plan like windows and doors before choosing a spot for your furniture. You could take pictures of the rooms in your new house so you can easily imagine how you want to place your furniture and what look will suit the best.
  • Get a measuring tape and measure the furniture items to ensure it fits in the new room without obstructing or coming in your way. For example, the door of the wardrobe when opened may not give enough clearance for people to walk across. You may want to reconsider the positions if the furniture doesn’t fit in a particular place.
  • If there is a staircase, corridor or hallway in your new home, it would be wise to take the measurements of the same, so you know in advance as to whether particular furniture can be shifted upstairs or carried across. Take measurements carefully for any L-shaped passage ways or staircases through which the furniture has to move. If at all you feel your furniture cannot be moved then you have enough time to put the item on a yard sale!

It’s time to execute! When you have finished with the homework, it all comes down to execution on the moving day.

  • Before the moving truck sets off with your boxes and furniture, call all the movers and show them your floor plan and let them know that you have already planned for specific spaces for your furniture.
  • It would be wise to have a couple of copies of the floor plan handy so that the movers have access to your plans. When the movers have an understanding of where the furniture should be kept, they will first move in the furniture and then unload the rest of the boxes at suitable places. Else there is a good chance the boxes are piled up where you actually wanted to place your bookcase.
  • It would be un-reasonable to ask the movers to move every furniture item here and there to see which looks better but do not hesitate to ask the movers to make any last minute changes that you are absolutely sure of.

When you have planned well in advance, you will be surprised to see how well the movers are responding to you and how streamlined and clear-cut the moving process has become!